Department Of Political Science

Intake : All Students

HOD : Prof. Ashok S. Jadhao

Political Science is a branch a social science that studies and analyzes the theory and practice of politics and political systems. Subjects usually studied under this degree are Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Principles of State Policy, Constitutional Amendment, Powers and functions of Rajya Sabha, Powers and functions of Lok Sabha, Judicial Structure, Federal Dynamics, Parties and Party Systems, Electoral and Coalition Politics, Decentralized Democracy, Economic System, International Politics etc.

1. To acquire the knowledge about the changing role of Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. 2. To understand the meaning of political science its relevance to the practical aspects of political life in society. 3. To generate an awareness about the practical application of concepts like equality liberty and justices. 4. To understand the nature of functions of welfare states and its co-relation with Indian constitution. 5. To develop their consciousness about the significance of voting behavior as it brings their Life in functional Democracy. 6. To develop the practical approach toward understanding the role of Political Parties and their influence in Indian Polity. 7. To develop ability about understanding the International Politics and India’s foreign policy with the neighboring countries and International and Regional Organization like the UN an SAARC. 8. To make aware of the nature of Terrorism and its implications. 9. To acquire skills and measures to protect the human rights as an individual and cope up with it while living in the society. 10. To develop and interest and enthusiasm about Political Science as it is one of the prime subject of social sciences in the edge of Globalization.
Features : The Department has given personal attention to the welfare of the students and enabled them to prepare for competitive examinations. It has given personal guidance to the external students who are preparing for such examinations. The Department also helps the external students to prepare for SET, NET MPSC Competitive examinations.

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