Department Of English

Intake : All Students

HOD : Yogesh M. Pohokar

English Department has been established in 1998. It is one of the active departments of the college. It has very competent, committed and experienced faculty. It always organizes various co-curricular, extension activities to enhance and to develop overall personality of the students.

• To enable the students to use English Language as a medium of Communication. • To hone the five Language Skills viz- Listening, Speaking, Reading ,Writing, and communication skills • To encourage the students for expressing their views in a lucid and meticulous manner • To encourage the students for creative writing • To unveil various aspects and shades of Language and Literature like poetry, drama, novel, etc. • To emphasize value addition in the students like, Nationality, Honesty, etc.
Features : • English Speaking Club. • Teaching speaking English. • Audio Aid for the needy students. • Cassettes for Functional English students. • Grammar Quiz. • CDs collection of the related Literature.

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