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HOD : Prof. Rahul A. Radke

DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Our college is situated at semi urban area and most of the students getting enrolled in our college belong to rural and backward areas. So they cannot get proper sportive culture due to their inactiveness and insufficient facilities. Thus it is very difficult to make them aware and able to get their ample participation in sports. Game and Sports facilities are well developed in our college. There are playgrounds available for students in college campus. Game and Sports committee working to improve college performance in inter colligate sports tournament. Achievements in Games & Sports Sr.No Name of the Sports person Event Status Year * 01 Sunita Istaraj Nadar Judo All India Inter University 2001-02 * 02 Surekha Shalikram Rathod Kabaddi South West Zone Inter University 2006-07 * 03 Sunita Vishwanath Pawar Kabaddi South West Zone Inter University 2007-08 * 04 Surekha Shalikram Rathod Kabaddi South West Zone Inter University 2007-08 * 05 Jyostna Ramrao Ade Cricket South West Zone Inter University 2010-11 * 06 Najuka Yashwant Mote Basket Ball West Zone Inter University 2011-12

Objectives of the Department • To give knowledge of games to the students till the depth. • To make the students aware about the scope of the sports. • To develop the vision of the students for the practical knowledge of sports. • To inspire and guide the students for all round development of their personality. • A regular physical activity helps to prevent diseases. • Regular physical activities promotes lifetime wellness
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